6 Tips For A Fantastic Sales Speech

by James Malinchak

Giving a speech is the number one fear that people have. Therefore, delivering sales speeches is often even more difficult for some people.

A person can easily give a quite successful speech about themselves, or about experiences that they have had, but when it comes to giving a persuasive speech, this fear quickly reaches a whole new level.

Just like with many other activities in our lives, fear is created through our own imaginations. There are amazing stories of people overcoming fear, yet you were not born with fear, it’s an idea created in your own mind.

There are several key points to persuasive sales speaking.

You need to make sure that your speech content in which you are comfortable with and that you believe in it. Be sure to write a speech outline and practice your delivery several times.

It is important that you can demonstrate 2 or 3 key benefits, and more if you have the time,

A persuasive sales speech should create desire, show the benefits, and prove the need. By delivering your sales speech in this manner, you will have gained the trust of your audience because you have shown them that there are benefits and solutions, and this is what all audiences want to hear. Not just a tired, old, sales pitch.

When giving a speech for sales it has been shown to be a more persuasive speech if you can incorporate humor. Humor creates a bond with the audience and gains their confidence.

Here are 6 more techniques to make a successful selling speech. 1. Research your persuasive sales speech topics, then research the particular one that you choose to deliver. 2. Tell quick little stories to lighten the mood. When you have told the story, pause a while to give the audience time to think through why you may have done this and reflect on your message. Pausing is a great technique to use whenever you have told the audience a very important point. The pause emphasises your point. 3. Tell and show video, text, and audio testimonials from other satisfied purchasers. 4. Recommend that your product could be a great gift for someone else they care about, as it may not be for them right now. 5. Always give the audience a great purchase deal. Sales speeches are all about getting the sale at the end of the presentation. This is a critical part of the whole presentation. Lighten the mood of the offer by giving an exaggerated price initially, joke about it, then present the true offer. 6. When giving your price, say the dollar value when giving a higher offer, then only the figure when making the true offer, eg. “The individual price for these cleaners is $15 each, but, for you, as a special offer today, I am offering them at $6,000 dollars for two. (chuckle) Just kidding, for you today I am offering two for 20.”

The final, and most important part, of any successful persuasive sales speech is to make sure the customer buys. So, as this is the most critical part of your speech, it is important that you write what you are going to say and practice it over and over again, and again. You must have this as well-rehearsed as your intro, conclusion, etc.

By practicing your speech many times, you will be able to ensure that you incorporate the above techniques to give a sales presentation that brings you money FAST.

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