I to was living paycheck to paycheck, but never gave up!

by John Wallen

If you want to cease living paycheck to paycheck you have to change your mindset, take a leap of faith and focus on finding the opportunity that will help you achieve your goals. Those living paycheck to paycheck find each day a struggle, unable to enjoy life knowing they are working for basically nothing. You can make your financial dreams a reality, don’t fall into a pattern of just living this kind of lifestyle forever.

Would you like a career change cause your feeling stuck? What if there was endless possibilities on this planet, would you leave that dead end job? And what if you never had to worry about being unemployed. With all these possibilities would you open your mind and move on, take advantage of this new world of opportunities?

Faith is motivating, paying attention, get over the bumps and moving on. Starting to use your intuition. You can not wave a wand and be prosperous, but yet it is our divine right to have security, too create wealth. This universe was created from intention and no one can tell me, we don’t have the power inside to make our own visions become a reality!

What if the possibility of finding a job was never any problem, you know the economy always in the ideal of shape. Would your employer be thinking about you all of the sudden making your life better, creating a future of financial security for you? They would buy more toys for themselves and their families and maybe throw you a Christmas bonus if your lucky!

Maybe you work for some real nice people and that’s a plus, but the truth of the matter is, it all comes down to the same thing. They want you to know the business as if you own it and not compensate you for going the extra mile. People will say be glad you’ve a job, I hate that, of course your grateful to have a job, but it’s a terrible mindset to just suck it up and struggle as if that’s just the way it is!

Have you ever thought about your own business? Your probably thinking that takes a lot of money to get started. You didn’t come from a rich family and no one was wealthy enough to leave you any money. You would need a least a hundred grand to get something going, and that would take a long time to come up with that kind of money. But that’s the only way to create wealth, owning a successful business.

I’ve been someone’s door mat many times, I’m no stranger to running the show and not being compensated for it. I know how everyone feels that struggle week to week. But I have to say I knew there had to be something that was there, that was affordable to get into, where I could make money swiftly and legitimately. I like so many others, desire the financial freedom to do what ever I wanted, when ever!

Have you ever looked at home business opportunity or entrepreneur magazines? It seems to me they always have the same used up opportunities that so many probably get involved in with good intention and find there not making profits very quickly enough. Carpet cleaning is back breaking, there’s to much competition with wholesale products, vending machines and let me tell you I knew someone that got into that, and still has one sitting in his garage he can’t find a place for it without having to travel to far to make it worth it. Still, I was determined to find a way to make money quickly, because life to me is about being your own boss and having more freedom!

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