Income Ideas for Work at Home Mothers

by Cathy Yeatts

With the internet providing such a vast array of choices, you would think that finding a legitimate home-based business idea would be pretty easy. The reality is, there are hundreds and thousands of web sites with money making ideas. It’s enough to make your head spin. The majority of legitimate opportunities on the internet are direct sales companies and network marketing companies. In addition to these ideas, you might consider a easy service-based business.

Capitalizing on your own talents, skills or ideas, you can create just about any type of service business. Charge clients by the hour or by the job for things like dog walking, personal shopping, house cleaning, bookkeeping, closet organization, in-home child care, music lessons, math tutoring, landscaping and more. You may be able to begin up a personal services business strictly by word of mouth. Start-up expenses might be no more than the cost of of your first batch of business cards.

If you choose to enter into a direct sales opportunity, be aware that many of these companies are those that encourage home parties for presenting the products to groups of interested people. Examples of direct sales parties that you may have have heard about or participated in would be costume jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, kitchen gadgets, travel discounts and pet supplies. Start-up costs for most direct sales companies will be less than $300. A small segment of direct sales, sometimes referred to as ‘top tier’, will have higher price points of entry. (Examples would be Liberty League, Wealthmasters and Global Resorts.)

Network marketing companies enroll independent associates, sometimes referred to as distributors or consultants, to market their products and services, in exchange for commissions. In addition, residual income can be earned off the sales volume in a down line sales organization. Learn how to use the internet to leverage your prospecting efforts and it is possible to build an organization of thousands. Typically, you’ll receive 4-8% of the monthly sales volume, plus most compensation plans reward associates for bringing new people into the business. Internet-based network marketing makes a large organization more attainable than in years past. With proper training, and execution of the techniques, world wide web marketing can replace the ‘friends and family’ approach.

Though some MLM businesses have suffered in the past from image problems, the business model itself is legitimate and the residual income has great potential. Network marketing business opportunities are available in various industries: health & wellness, beauty products & skin care, travel, electricity providers, telephone services – there is even a chocolate MLM company! (No joke) Little to no inventory is required; however most compensation plans will require that you maintain a monthly purchase amount, in order to be eligible for commissions. Start-up costs vary from as tiny as twenty dollars up to several thousand dollars.

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