Learning About Sales and Commissions for Jobs

by Salvador Paez

A sales representative represents their company, showcasing and selling products to potential customers. Different sales representatives have different jobs and job requirements, as well as different duties in their companies.

For example, a sales representative in a pharmaceutical company needs to know a lot about science and medicine, and usually have a degree in business or sciences. However, there are sales representatives who don’t need to have a degree to work, since they’ll only be selling products like candy and furniture.

What a sales representative does depends on the company he or she is working for, as well as the line of the company itself. Some sales representatives travel a lot to their clients, while others are always in the central office making calls. Sales representatives also have different techniques to encourage potential customers to purchase their products and services.

Most companies would rather their sales teams to have good background in the things they’re selling. And because of his, it helps that these individuals know how to converse with people intelligently about the product so having a communication or business course is a great advantage. Many companies in fact hire people with just these skills.

Sales representatives also get paid differently. Some sales representatives are paid for every product that they sell, while others have set salaries, and are usually given bonuses if their quota is reached or surpassed. The first pay structure is called commission sales.

Sales representatives naturally work harder if they’re paid on a commission basis. There may be some stretches of time where they aren’t able to sell anything, which means that they won’t get paid, while there could be other months when money just keeps on flowing.

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