Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas for Work at Home Moms

by Cathy Yeatts

Finding a way to create extra income from home can be confusing and overwhelming. There are dozens of work-at-home web sites with thousands of different money making ideas. Sorting through them all, you may soon decide that many work-at-home schemes are just that — a scheme. Most of the truly legitimate home based business ideas will fall into one of three categories: Direct Sales, Network Marketing/MLM and Service businesses.

Are you a good organizer? Charge clients for closet organization services. Are you a musician? You could instruct private lessons on a part-time basis from your home. Other ideas would be baby sitting services, dog sitting, accounting, housekeeping and landscaping. Word of mouth advertising will keep satisfied clients coming your way. The cost to start up may be less than fifty dollars.

If you choose to enter into a direct sales opportunity, be aware that many of these companies are those that encourage home parties for presenting the products to groups of interested people. Examples of direct sales parties that you may have have heard about or participated in would be costume jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, kitchen gadgets, travel discounts and pet supplies. Start-up costs for most direct sales companies will be less than $300. A small segment of direct sales, sometimes referred to as ‘top tier’, will have higher price points of entry. (Examples would be Liberty League, Wealthmasters and Global Resorts.)

Network Marketing and multi-level marketing opportunities enroll independent distributors, sometimes called consultants, to sell products on which they earn a commission. Additionally, they receive commissions based on the sales efforts of people enrolled in their organization (down line). If you’re successful in creating a large downline, the monthly residual income can grow into a full-time income. Additional compensation plan details vary with each company. As with direct sales, you need to have some comfort level with personal selling and networking. The internet provides a great way to locate other like-minded business builders. Contrary to what your upline might be teaching, ‘warm market’ isn’t the only way to grow your business rapidly. I personally suggest two different on the web systems to my new reps who express any interest in ‘internet network marketing’.

Though some MLM businesses have suffered in the past from image problems, the business model itself is legitimate and the residual income has great potential. Network marketing business opportunities are available in various industries: health & wellness, beauty products & skin care, travel, electricity providers, telephone services – there is even a chocolate MLM company! (No joke) Tiny to no inventory is required; however most compensation plans will require that you maintain a monthly buy amount, in order to be eligible for commissions. Start-up costs vary from as tiny as twenty dollars up to several thousand dollars.

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