Streetwear Clothing

by Matt Dronkers

In the past clothing style was adopted according to the standard of the time. Today it has changed a lot and one has multiple choice of fashion in garments. Fashion changes as the time goes by and it gives a way to emerging a different style of clothing known as streetwear.

Streetwear style of clothing generally takes inspiration from the surroundings or ’streets’. It reflects the culture and lifestyle of the street. It also gives way to some urban themes such as graffiti. Streetwear is marked by high quality garments.

The germ of streetwear clothing style lies in distant past something around 1980s. A movement called punk was very much popular at that time which gave the way to hip-hop culture. For this reason both of them have similarities.

Streetwear has traveled a long trajectory to reach the present time. It was initiated by Shawn Stussy who offered his service in California as a local surfboard shaper of Laguna Beach. He sketched his own logo for surfboard design that was finally printed on t-shirts.

Hip-hop culture emerges to be self-expressive and this quality is superior expressed in streetwear. The feelings of designers are expressed in their designs. As the people put on that designed cloths it becomes their expression of how they feel. In this respect it becomes something more than just designs on the cloths.

Streetwear style of clothing has become the part of the fashion of this day. It inspires the designers of today but very few could achieve the quality streetwear offers. Some items like sunglasses, bags are available in high quality.

Streetwear comprises the mixture of both modern as well as traditional outlook. One can either wear traditional suit today or can wear t-shirt the next day or can have alternative. That’s why streetwear has been termed as another name for fashion.

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