Vending Machines for Adult Products

by Robert Farnham

Most all supplies in vending machines out there are appropriate for people of all ages to access. There are some that are geared to the adult market and to no one else. These types of vending machines make it very convenient for them to get various things they might want. Sometimes it is a product they deem as a necessity and other times it is merely a reaction to buy based on seeing what it there in front of them.

Cigarettes seem to be the most common type of vending machine with adult specific products. They have the ability to be offered in bars, clubs, colleges, malls, and many other locations where people hang out. Make sure you keep this type of vending machine well stocked with a good variety of cigarettes. Many people have a preferred brand that they’ll be looking to purchase.

A game of chance that many adults like to engage in is buying the scratch off lottery tickets. You may not realize that you can easily sell them in vending machines. You won’t be making money from the customers but rather from the lottery program in your area. These types of vending machines are going to significantly increase their levels of sales. This is because the idea of buying a scratch off lottery ticket and winning thousands of dollars appeals to many people.

You work out a deal with the lottery office where you can both make money. You can provide them with a great sales pitch of how your vending machine can help them to increase sales. People walking by the vending machine may not even have the thought to purchase any scratch tickets until they happen to see it. They will put their money in without thinking twice. As a result of your sales they will pay you a percentage of what’s generated.

If you’re selling certain items aimed at adults in vending machines, you need to make sure it clearly states that. You need to make sure under age individuals don’t assume that they have the ability to get what they want to out of it. In most areas it is illegal to provide cigarettes for minors. You need to post massive signs on these vending machines as well as what the possible penalties can be.

It is also helpful if they are placed in locations where there will be someone to see who is approaching the vending machine. This is often all it really takes to deter younger individuals from attempting to make a buy at such vending machines. They don’t want to risk being questioned by anyone in a position of authority.

Condoms are generally considered by many people to be adult products. Yet there are so many teenagers engaging in such activities and they can’t buy condoms from many retail locations. Placing condom vending machines in bathrooms for both men and women can give them privacy as well as access to the products they want to use for protection. Some individuals think condom vending machines promote sexual activity though while others believe they promote responsibility.

If you are looking at starting a vending machine business, you might want to see about sales for adult products. In many instances you will have less competition and that’s always good news. There are also apt to be plenty of great locations out there where you can place them. This may be the door you have been waiting for so don’t be afraid to walk through it and explore.

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