Equity Home Loans

by John Travis

Do you want to get a fabulous opportunity that your home gives you? If yes, you should have an insight on equity home loan. Featured with different distinct facilities, this loan helps you during your financial urgency. It gives you a chance to opt for a good amount of money under the equity of your home.

In most cases, an equity home loan is seen as a second mortgage. It will run along side your original mortgage and be paid in the same way. The more common reasons for taking out an equity home loan include home improvements, purchasing a second home or debt consolidation.

In fact, most lenders are now aggressively pushing their debt consolidation products. This has become a growth area in recent years, mainly due to people over spending on their credit cards. An equity home loan will allow the borrower to pay off all existing debts and loans and spread the low monthly payment across a number of years. Most banks are very happy with this situation as they are exchanging unsecured debt for secured debt. The security of course is the equity in your home.

The interest rate for an equity home line of credit is variable and will rise and fall during the loan period. Payment per month depends on the total sum loaned, the interest rate and whether your credit is in the payment or draw period. During equity draw period, you can decide whether to pay the principal loan amount or the minimum payments to cover the interest.

You have to be very careful while taking out an equity home loan. Once you have repaid all of your outstanding loans and credit card dues, you will be tempted to borrow some more money against your house. The amount of your equity home loan may exceed the entire value of your house. The amount of loan that exceeds the value of your house will be considered as an unsecured loan and will attract a high rate of interest. Therefore, when you take out an equity home loan, make sure that it does not exceed the total value of your house.

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