5 Tips For Getting Your Assistants Off Their Lazy Butts

by Theo McLanahan

There’s no rule that says a small business can’t accomplish massive goals. If you have your mind set on accomplishing a big task, you can definitely achieve it. With a team of motivated assistants, you can take on the world. Motivating people can be difficult, but it can be done. The following are some tips on how to keep your assistants motivated.

Goal setting is a powerful way to keep motivated. When your assistant has written goals they’ve a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished. Goals are also measurable; they are either accomplished or they aren’t. This allows your assistant to know if they are doing a good job or if they need to work harder.

Take some time at the begin of each week or month to define and review goals with your assistant. This will help keep both of you on track, and help them to get their assignments finished.

A positive environment will also help with your assistants’ motivation. Even if you live on opposite sides of the world, you can still create a positive working environment.

Perhaps a weekly teleconference meeting would be beneficial. Everyone will feel like more of a part of a team. Let them know they are able to look to one another for advice if you’re not available.

Giving your assistants new challenges will also do wonders for their motivation. Perhaps one of your assistants can help you organize an event or plan a new information product.

Plenty of stimulation is also important for staying motivated. If someone works on the same task for too long, it can lead to boredom and a reduction in the quality of work. Giving them a new assignment or even having two or three assistants working on something as a team can make a huge difference.

Holding contests can also be a great motivator. You could create a team goal and if everyone works together and accomplishes the task, you could reward them with a small prize. You could also create individual goals for each team member, or have the team members compete against one another.

Of course, each person is one-of-a-kind and their motivation can come from a different place. What works for one assistant may not work for another. It is a good idea to keep your communication with your assistants open, and to ask them what it is that motivates them as an individual.

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