Characteristics Of Good osCommerce Developers

by Chris Channing

As the past has showed us, going open source is a great way to get a finished product that has many features and great stability. osCommerce is a great example of such a thing, although it has little support for the common user to develop a great plugin they might need. In this case, it’s ideal to hire an osCommerce developer to help out with the situation instead.

There are generally two different types of people in osCommerce webmasters and osCommerce developers. The webmasters are more business-oriented, and don’t always know much about the development process. The developers are more technical oriented, and want to raise their money by helping the business types. Thus, the average business type will need to resort to an osCommerce developer due to a lack in time and knowledge.

As far as the programming languages go, the ideal osCommerce developer should be fluent in PHP and MySQL. As PHP can be a very error and security risk prone language, it’s very important to quiz the developer on several security issues. If at all possible it is best to get a few demonstrations from the developer to see the kind of work that can be done. When possible ask the developer to explain details that may seem like jargon or cryptic in manner.

When one wishes to purchase a developer’s service, there’s usually a general price frame in mind for both individuals. In both cases, it isn’t uncommon for even simple plugins to run a couple hundred dollars. And for the bigger projects, prices can soar even higher. While this is a high price to pay, it ensures quality. Anyone bidding below these ranges might be worthy of investigation, but in the end the more money one spends usually helps ensure a superior job is done.

Projects that have high price ranges will obviously make the buyer fairly skeptical. In this case, the buyer should investigate any previous customers, references, and examples of work. Only after these aspects are confirmed should a buyer go through with a large purchase. After all, there is nothing worse than spending a few thousands dollars on a development job only to be disappointed in the end- or even be scammed!

On a last note, it’s always a good idea to have the developer of an osCommerce project to submit to arbitration. Through arbitration, goods are delivered and payment is sent only when both celebrations concur they got what they wanted. This is commonly done through on the internet platforms that offer escrow services, and usually costs upwards of a couple hundred dollars for large projects. Nevertheless, the “security blanket” is well worth the money spent.

Final Thoughts On Finding An osCommerce Developer

A project with osCommerce that an investor has enacted already displays something about their character- they’re doing it for the fortune and benefits. But to get to the top of the industry, plugins will be needed to extend the functionality of the osCommerce platform. Searching out the right developers and keeping the aforementioned topics in mind will help ensure that the process will be smooth and profitable in the long run.

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