How These 7 Tips Can Help You Make Money Blogging

by Jimmy Adames

Learning how to make money blogging isn’t as difficult as you might think. Even though, massive corporations and successful small businesses are aware of how powerful it is to have a blog the average person can follow these 7 tips to earn some cash too:

1. Affiliate Programs – receive commissions for referring readers who visited your blog and made a purchase from the company you have an affiliate agreement with. There is no cost to join most affiliate programs.

3. Make donations fun – add a donation link to your blog and offer some quality information products for donations. This will also create some buzz about your blog and perhaps others will come by and give a few bucks.

3. Set Up Shop – sell fun products like magnets, mugs, t-shirts and personalize them with your logo and website url. It’s a great way to make them feel part of the team. It is also another way to put your blog business marketing on steroids.

4. Sell Your Blog – build a blog with a large consistent following and you will be able to sell your blog to people who rather purchase one that’s already built and successful. If you plan to sell your blog try not to personalize the blog too much. You want it to be generic but valuable.

5. Writing Means Money – many people don’t like writing and prefer to outsource that task to others. If you love writing it will show on your blog and you’ll have people coming to you asking if they have the ability to pay you to write articles.

6. Be A Star – if you can provide valuable content on your blog consistently regarding a specific niche you might be offered lucrative speaking opportunities. Once you establish yourself as an authority people will seek you out and the sky is the limit after that.

7. Advertising – there are thousands of opportunities to add promotional banners, links and widgets to your blog and earn pay-per click or sales commissions for free. What you want to avoid is making your blog too busy with them. Keep them at a minimum and you will get more activity.

There you have it, 7 clear-cut ways to make money blogging. Are those the only ways you can earn an income with your blog? Totally not, but focus on 1 or 2 of those tips consistently and you will do just great.

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