How To Make Money From Affiliate Programs and Quit Your J.O.B.

by Valentin Selimov

There have been literally thousands of articles written over the past few years about how to make money with affiliate programs. You would think that with all of the attention given to affiliate marketing programs, that everyone would be millionaires by now. There is a whole group of people who really think that there’s a magic e-book out there somewhere and that with it along with enough money and time, they would begin to see real financial success.

One of the first things you need to understand with an affiliate program, is that it’s not going to make you thousands of dollars overnight. However, if you continue to work at it, you will begin to show slow but realistic pay increases over time as you utilize the system. If you go into it with the right mindset, you’ll not only start with excitement, but maintain it as you go over the bumps and potholes on the road of affiliate marketing life.

Ascertaining How Much Time You Can Expend On An Affiliate Program

When you join an affiliate marketing program, you are very excited. You have big plans and big dreams; however, you need to take a realistic approach and figure out how much time per week you can realistically devote to your affiliate marketing program. Consistency is the key. If you decide to work 10 to 20 hours a week, you should be realistic. You will want to keep working 10 to 20 hours a week over the long haul in order to see a return on your investment. If you start out thinking you’re going to commit to working 40 hours a week, and you wind up only working for hours a week, you’re going to be very disappointed and think that affiliate marketing doesn’t work.

Many new affiliate marketers jump at the first thing they see and as a result, they fail to make money in affiliate marketing. One way to make money is to put yourself in the path of people who want something, and finding that crowd is not always as easy as it sounds. But, if you can find an Internet marketing affiliate program that is selling something that everyone wants, you will make sales in your sleep with little to no effort.

Marketing an Affiliate Program With or Without Money

Whether you have money or not makes a big difference how you market your affiliate program. Whether you’ve chosen to sell Xbox video games, beach vacation rentals, bottled water or e- books, you will need an effective marketing strategy in order to be successful. There are a number of different ways to market a product or service online. Nowadays, we all hear about social marketing but the reality is you can’t spend all your time in those networking communities and expect to turn a profit. They are only one way to advertise, but that’s not the only way. You will need to research all of the ways that you can get the word out about your affiliate marketing program.

Google Adwords is considered the best way to build targeted leads for a marketing affiliate program. While it does cost some money to get started, its effect is immediate. When you advertise your ads go up immediately. You will want to do some research prior to putting your ads up, or you’ll just wind up throwing your money away. You’ll need to build a keyword list that is targeted to what you’re trying to sell. Keywords are words that are related to things. For instance, if you’re selling pocketbooks, you will want to find all of the words that mean pocketbook like handbag, purse, and of course, pocketbook. You build a list and when you go to advertise you use those words, in order to attract people who are interested in pocketbooks. Adwords is one of the ways to get your product an affiliate program out there quickly.

Because Adwords costs money, you might have to take a different route that will take a bit longer to get the word out about your marketing program. Some of the ways that have been used very successfully is by adding a signature to your forum profile, and then start posting in various forums that are targeted to your market. You don’t actually advertise, but as you post people see your signature file and some will click on it. Other ways are to add a signature file to your personal e-mail. Every e-mail you send has a link to your affiliate program. It’s not as fast as Adwords, but it’s a good place to start.

The Overall Analysis

When it comes to affiliate marketing patience is your best weapon. It’s going to take constant effort over the first few months to get the word out about your product or service. Some days you’re going to feel as though you’re all alone, and that all this is just a waste of time but stick with it. Just because you’re not getting a financial return immediately, does not mean that all of your effort is in vain. Promotion takes time and promoting an affiliate program is no different.

Making money at home through affiliate marketing has been proven to be quite interesting, lucrative and doable. When you’re first starting out, you’ll want to join every program you find. Resist the urge. It’s not possible to chase two rabbits at one time. What that means is you’ll spread yourself too thin, and you won’t be successful at anything. You want to concentrate on one or two programs that are interesting to you. Then, as you learn more and become more successful, you can add to your affiliate marketing portfolio.

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