Increase Your View By A Few Thousand Miles

by Stewart M. Russell

The internet has brought forth a wealth of exciting technologies and developments, but in my opinion, one of the most incredible has to be the humble web camera. Usually abbreviated to web cam, these small devices which can cost about the same as a mouse, are capable of broadcasting quite good quality images or video across the internet for anyone interested to see. We don’t need to rely on photographs or the printed word to understand what a country looks like, or what it’s weather is like – within a few seconds I can be looking at a live video image of almost anywhere in the world I have an interest in.

For those people looking at investing overseas, one of the biggest and most significant decisions that they need to make right from the start is which country to invest in. There are plenty of websites, books and leaflets offering advice and information about a variety of possible locations, and in many cases these surprise people with possibilities that might not otherwise have been considered. Some people just go for the most traditional countries, such as Spain, but many people choose to buy into countries that are just starting to creep onto the radar as far as investment is concerned. But the problem is that photographs can be doctored, or taken on a particularly extraordinary summer’s day.

The world it seems is getting smaller – with not just those looking in to the idea of investing in property abroad looking at far flung countries as though they were just a few blocks away. More and more people are looking in to holidaying in countries or locations they’ve never been to before, and even investors are starting to look into the possibilities that some countries are starting to offer, which wouldn’t otherwise have been considered. Cheap travel and the ease of booking online may have made the world seem small, but there is still always going to be the matter if mileage and distance to hamper our plans.

Web cams of course offer a wonderful solution here, since they are able to allow you to see a country or location for yourself, without ever having to leave your arm chair. For those looking into the idea of investing overseas, or even those looking at taking a holiday somewhere new, being able to see live footage from that place means that they can judge for themselves whether the photos in the leaflets are anything close to being representative.

There’s nothing quite like being able to peer through the winter gloom and cold greyness, or stare out through the window in your office at the wider world, and then log on to a web cam somewhere and admire the summer sun and golden beaches of your favourite destination. It may even be that you own property abroad, and it could be that you’re able to admire the view from your very own balcony! For holidaymakers, you could admire the view you’ll be seeing for real very soon, or the view you had from your hotel room last time you went away.

There is a huge selling point as far as web cams is concerned of course, particularly for those who have invested in property abroad, and particularly so if the property has been purchased in a location that is less well known. Trying to advertise your property is hard work if you have decided to let it out, and persuading people that your photos aren’t doctored in any way can be a challenge. If you have either your own web cam, or access to one nearby, you can direct potential customers to this so that they can see exactly what the location, and the weather, is like – anytime they want.

Yet another advantage, if you have a property abroad, is of course the aspect of security. Having a web cam that actually overlooks your property allows you to keep an eye on it at any time, and most cameras come with the option to take video only when movement is detected. Having internal web cams allows you to shows potential customers what the property is like, and allows you to keep an eye on the place when you’re away. Obviously you would have an issue with privacy, since residents would not like the idea of you spying on them – so these would have to be removed during occupation.

I never cease to be amazed that whilst I can look through my window and admire dull, overcast and dreary skies, I can glance down at my computer screen and watch the tranquil blue waves roll their way across my screen onto endless miles of golden sand in Javea, with a blue sky punctured only by a solitary purple mountain peak. With virtual tours and live video from anywhere in the world, I can’t even begin to image what the future may hold.

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