Laptop Docking Stands: From Laptop to Desktop

by Hispanic

Laptop docking stands are attachable accessories for portable personal to make them function like a desktop computer when used at home or in the office. When there is no need for the laptop docking stand when outdoors, it may be left behind to make the laptop more compact and lighter. Collectively, laptop docking stands are equipments that are composed of several individual hardware for use with the laptop.

Laptop stands are ergonomic, height adjustable, and designed for use with your external keyboard and mouse. This sleek and innovative laptop stand has numerous design offers for users. The four position height adjustability enables personalized and ergonomic comfort for users. The good looking curvature of the cooling cradle provides the functional benefit of increasing airflow of cooling ambient air, thus helping to increase battery longevity

The cooling cradle itself provides the most long-term benefit as the airflow can extend the life of your laptop investment. Another benefit of a laptop docking stand is the access it provides to the drives, bays or buttons along the front of your laptop. Unlike other systems which can require you to lift up or remove the laptop from a stand, this X-Brand unit’s folding retainer along the bottom of the cooling cradle makes it simple.

Given the long hours we all spend slaving over a hot keyboard, a sound ergnomic posture is becoming an increasingly important consideration, so the oyster laptop docking station really caught our eye. While traditional docks connect the laptop to peripherals (i.e. desktop monitor), Oyster repositions the laptop perpendicular to the desk’s surface retaining use of the LCD screen and accommodating a full-size keyboard.

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