Using JV Giveaways To Build Your List

by Chris Simpson

No doubt you have heard many times that it is important to build a list to ensure your success in Internet Marketing. The big question many people have, however, is just how do you get started with list building?

There are many different approaches you can take to list building but a tried and tested way is to participate in JV giveaway events. These sites allow many different Internet Marketers to contribute a free gift such as an ebook, software program or giving away memberships to a website.

Your free gift can be something that you create yourself or alternatively you could use either a private label rights or resell rights product. If you don’t already have a suitable product then searching for private label rights products should find you something that you can use as a gift either for free or for a small payment.

Now that you have chosen your product the next step is to build a squeeze page. This will capture the name and email address of your visitors in exchange for your gift. You will need an autoresponder to set this up so that the download link to your product is automatically emailed out whenever anybody fills out the form. You will also need a web hosting account to host your squeeze page and downloadable gift.

After you have set up your squeeze page and tested it to make sure that the download link is emailed out correctly you are now in a position to become a contributor to a JV giveaway event. On a JV giveaway site members can browse through all of the gifts that have been contributed and download as many of them as they like. In order to download a gift they will be taken to the contributor’s squeeze page to fill out their details and get the gift. If they are downloading your gift then it will be your squeeze page they see and your list that they join.

Many JV giveaway sites have a one-time offer that appears when you first sign up as a contributor. In many cases this will be offering you a more prominent position for your gift in the listings so that you get more exposure and in turn more list subscribers. If you have the budget available to you to take advantage of this offer you should definitely consider doing so.

JV giveaway events take place regularly so it is important that you keep looking for new events to participate in. Contributing to several different giveaways means that you are promoting your squeeze page in several different places and will definitely gain your more list subscribers.

Participating in JV giveaways are one of the easiest things you can do to build your list so why not find a giveaway event that will be starting soon and contribute a gift?

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