Dating Disabled Woman – What Should You Know?

by David Smythe

A lot of elderly disabled individuals stare in disbelief when they see or hear that disabled people now go on dates. Understandably so, because during their times, such things were almost taboo as disabled people were considered genderless. They never realized that disabled people are people too, and also long for intimacy and friendship. People with disability then found it hard to find a mate and for those with severe handicaps, there was almost no possibility at all. So do not be surprised at their reaction when they learn of disabled men and women dating.

Unlike the normal women, it was really difficult for disabled women to meet other people. However as soon as the dating agencies websites for online dating worked together to address this concern, dating between disabled men and women was facilitated.

As far as the sensations are concerned, there is not much difference between dating a disabled woman and a normal woman. The elements of anxiety, excitement, passion and fun are equally experienced. It is important to consider what type of disability your date has so you would know if the place you are going to offers that kind of convenience. Such would be the case if the woman you are dating is wheelchair bound then the restaurant or the establishment should have wheelchair facilities. These are small considerations but very important when dating a disabled woman.

The ‘introduction’ phase is very important while dating disabled woman. This is the moment when two people would get to know each other. Try to find out how sensitive she is about her disability when you meet her for the first time. You should do this because you need to understand her before deciding to carry your relationship forward. Do not say things that would hurt her feelings and you should also not completely overlook her disability.

There are a lot of people who feel over conscious about their partner’s disability and they prefer not to make any comments that might make the woman uncomfortable. This kind of attitude does not make the woman feel comfortable at all. It would only make her feel inferior.

One of the things the man should remember when dating a disabled woman is to allow some consideration for the disability but not in such a noticeable way. It may be hard in the beginning but the man should strike a balance between the two.

If you are considering dating a woman with disability, you should know what kind of disability she has, without taking into account your own disability , if such is the case. This will set in you in the right direction on how to address her needs. Once you have threshed out this complicated first part, then the rest of dating procedure can go on without a hitch and become a pleasant and fun event for you and your date.

Meaningful and enjoyable dating for disabled individuals has become a reality through the combined efforts and hard work of various dating agencies and online dating sites. Because of them the disabled individuals can now realize their dreams of finding the love of their lives who they can spend the rest of their lives with.

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