Does Your Ex Want You Back? 10 Signs to Watch For

by Marc Sandford

You’ve broken up with your ex and since that day you have experienced little but regret. If only she felt the same regret as you, then winning her back would be much easier. Flat out asking her may be too risky, so it’s time for a more subtle plan.

First, you should study the conditions that led to the break up. Were these circumstances extreme? If the troubles were over little things that ultimately blew up into something big, she’ll likely want to come back after some cooling off. It’s not so clear-cut if the break up were more hostile in nature and came about over more important issues. If this is your situation, then you’ll have to look for signals from your ex that she wants to come back.

1.) Is she having adjustment troubles? If so, the relationship is still a big part of her life. For her, the break up is still causing pain.

2.) Does she prefer to stay friends with you? This signals a desire to keep a connection with you. Remaining friends with her is very advantageous. It keeps a channel of communication open. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to use this to get her back.

3.) Is she inclined to be apologetic for the things that she said during the heat of the break up? This hints at a hope for reconciliation.

4.) Does she offer compliments about you when you talk? Even a roundabout compliment about your tie or your new car is meaningful.

5.) Is there anyone new in her life? If there’s been no relationships since the break up, maybe it’s too difficult to let go of the old times she had with you. Perhaps no one else can take your place.

6.) Has she kept open the lines of communication? Put differently, the two of you readily communicate back and forth.

7.) Do her eyes and body language reveal anything? If there’s still a love interest, her brows will slightly lift and her eyes will widen upon detecting your presence. You should also look for dilated pupils. Likewise, look for prolonged eye contact during conversation and small adjustments to her hair when she first sees your presence.

8.) Mirroring is still another sign of interest. When she unconsciously mimics your body language or your mood, she is mirroring. Rhythm, loudness and the tone of your speech may also be mirrored.

9.) Is the word “you” used a lot in her dialog when she talks to you? This is a clear indication of interest in you since 2nd person speech is more personal than third person.

10.) Does she still like doing all of the small things for you? She certainly would not do this if she couldn’t stand you.

If some of these signs apply to your case, your prospects of getting her back look good.

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