Five Ways To Mange Your Boss (without Him Or Her Knowing It!)

by Jack Forrest

With spring around the corner, many young men and women are preparing to graduate. Many of them will enter the business world for the first time. If they are like me, there will be certain lessons they will learn to be successful. One of the most important lessons is how to manage your boss. Read on below to find 5 simple steps to managing your boss.

Speak to your boss. But talk smart. What your boss really wants is to know that his or her projects are on track. That takes communication on your part. Update your boss at least each other day – even if they don’t ask. And most importantly you need to let them know early if something looks to disrupt the project you are working on. It’s your job not just to get the job done, but to have their back. When they realize you have their back – they’ll have yours. Trust will lead more opportunities for you.

Be prepared when you meet with your boss. When you meet with your boss, have an agenda or a list of items you want to discuss. Don’t be afraid to let your boss see the list. There’s no shame in being organized. You’ve a better chance of getting time during the meeting to discuss your issues and ideas as well as his. If meetings with your boss tend to be impromptu, just keep a running list on your desk so you always have it ready when you get pulled into her office.

While many of us wrinkle our noses at the concept of ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’, it is a fact of life. An important component of managing your boss is to make sure that important things they need to do for your projects get done. Notice I said projects. Constant follow ups on what end up being personal gains will annoy your boss and possibly undermine how your boss sees you.

Fight the urge to self promote. You’re there to make them look good. When you support your boss and your team, you’ll become a resource that others higher up in the company will notice. That’s how you get the unsolicited tap on the shoulder to come work for them.

Be grateful for the job and be respectful of the burdens your boss is carrying. All to often all we see is a person who’s making more money than us and, perhaps, we are a bit envious of them. We start expecting them to be more intelligent, more mature, and more subject to our needs. But think of the impact you’ll create when you let your boss know that you’re happy to have your job and respect them as a person. I’m not advocating being some sort of overly optimistic happy Harry or to kiss up to your boss at every turn. No it’s a quiet gratitude and gentle respect I’m advocating.

Follow these five steps and you’ll find that your relationship with your boss improves. You might even find your boss to be more human and caring than you would have ever imagined.

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