Maximise from the Executive Business Coaching you are attending.

by Steven Yamazaki

An Executive Business Coaching course you attended to is not to be taken lightly.

For one, it is not cheap. No matter who pays for it, your company or yourself, there’s a large bill associated with it. A better quality one can be very expensive and it can reach any value.

To top it up, there is the investment in time and energy. Months, weeks, days or even hours, already a huge amount of resources have been spent. It therefore should not be put to waste at all, rather it the benefits should be extracted as early as it possibly can be.

Therefore it is very essential that you make a strong effort to benefit from it the most.

Participate actively and you have done the best there is. Test your ideas againts the company leadership, even the CEO and you have shown the greatest courage which will be noticed. You can make mistake, of course, but that is inconsequential as it is correctness that is looked for in the coaching, rather it is the effort.

Leaders of the pack. Management is always alert for this kind of people. Those who do this stands out clearly from the rest. They show that they learn well from their mistakes which they are not worried from people noticing. To management, this is the type who will propel the company to the next level. Not those who wait for instructions to follow. Management everywhere take serious note of these people.

The best is if you can offer yourself to lead any particular projects during the coaching exercise. It shows that you are ready to take on a challenge the moment it shows itself up. You stand out immediately from the rest.

Take things seriously and do not be shy about it. The goals of the exercise should never be taken lightly, since it is a very expensive endeavour. There must something significant and needing improvement for management to have to put aside large funds to have the business coaching exercise. Maybe the organisation goals need clarification, or the policies need corrections. Maybe the major business processes are falling apart. Take the coaching lightly, and you will not appreciate the issues. Worse, you will fail to participate in the resolution process.

Participate, lead and be serious. If you don’t you have wasted your own resources attending it. You might as well just withdraw and let others take your place.

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